Monday, October 06, 2008

Well, since I've broken my camera, for the time being I'll have to resort to telling funny stories. I have a good one...

Jacob, Andrew, and I decided to do a little name-exchange for Christmas this year, since we all have spouses/girlfriends, which makes 6 of us. So Alyssa was helping me draw the names, and as I drew I would say "this person has that person" meaning "this person will be giving a gift to that person", filling in the names.

I got to Derrick's name, and said "Derrick has Cassie." Sage apparently overheard me say that, because a minute later she came over to me, with a very concerned look on her face and wet eyes, and said "Mom, who will be your boyfriend if Daddy has Cassie?" I'm not sure if she was upset about Daddy having someone else, or about me not having anyone... it was hilarious, and so precious it brought tears to my eyes.


  1. don't you love it when they start to 'get' things in their funny little way - and when they care so much about us - their wacky parents?

  2. that is so precious.
    hopefully she won't hold any grudges when i see her at Christmas...giggles.