Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh, the irony

Yesterday I was turning my camera off, and the lens wouldn't go back down, it kind of jammed. So I took it back to K-Mart today to see if I could exchange it. I wasn't too hopeful, since it had been more than 90 days since I bought it, but thankfully they said I could exchange it, if it was for the exact same item.

So, we make the exchange, leave K-Mart, stop at the park on the way home to let the kids play a little bit before lunch. While at the park, I DROPPED THE CAMERA AND BROKE IT!!!

I can't believe it. I don't think it's fixable. Ironic? I think so. Annoying? Definitely.

PS - I've decided to put my more "artistic" photos (ones that don't have my family or other people in them) on a separate blog. It's listed in my blogroll as "jeannine's photo art", if you're interested in checking them out. I'll keep this blog just for family activities, and things like that.


  1. I am so sorry Jeannine! I hope you find an alternative to your camera dilema.

    I LOVE the new fall background. Sigh, I love fall! :)

  2. glad to hear you let others about your awesome photo website.

  3. bummer about your camera . . .

    i love your fall leaves! i looked at the cutestblog backgrounds. none of them seemed quite right for what i am going for with mine - but it was fun to look at. mine is shaping up!

    i like your photo art. and it is really fun to see glimpses into your life. i like being in touch with you again, my friend.