Monday, June 30, 2008

Blog Title Contest

Ok, I've always thought "The Eubanks Family" was a bit boring for a blog name, but my brain is totally void of cutesy clever ideas.

I've decided to open the door to the minds of everyone in the world. Please submit your ideas for a name for my blog, and the winner will have their idea published online, as the title of my blog! Wow, what an amazing prize! Remember, this is a family blog. I especially like the names of my friends' blogs, who find ways to use their last name in a clever way (The Norman News; Sommer Days- those are my favorites!)

Please, please help me...


  1. I have though of 3 ideas:

    The Eubanks Eulogy-
    I know that it sounds kind of depression but a Eulogy is a tribute or story of you life and that is kind of what your blog is...

    Welcome to Eubaknica: population 5-
    this could be cute...

    Eubanks Eutopia-
    I know that utopia is spelled with an "u" but i was trying to play off the Eubanks>

    Jason had 2 ideas as well...

    Eureka! Eubanks!

    Eubanks Vault- playing off the "banks" part of Eubanks...

    Of course they are not as good as my ideas but he tried his best! :)


  2. how about 'financial institutions for sheep' - get it "ewe banks"? sorry. lame i know.

    i'll keep thinkin

  3. ha, those are all cute and clever! I'll start a list... good job, guys!

  4. Oooh, I'm one of your favorites?! How cool! :)

    Ok, I'll have to think on this. I'm not usually particularly creative, but I'll see if I can get my brain working!

  5. Ha Ha - I think your friends came up with some pretty funny ones. I particularly like the "financial institution for sheep"! lol! Very funny!