Friday, October 19, 2007


Not much going on this month, I guess, I only have 3 pictures to share. But not to worry - Alyssa is done with volleyball and has moved on to basketball; Jacob and Cassie's wedding is next weekend, and after that is Halloween, so I'm sure I'll have many more to post in the next few weeks.

The Cousins: Blake, JJ, Sage, and Collin
Here's one for the baby book -
JJ can't be outside for 30 seconds before she looks like this.
I just don't understand the desire to eat dirt.

I broke out the winter coat box, and Sage decided to put on a little fashion show. October has tricked me again-this was the second time this month I thought we were transitioning into fall, and then it turned back into summer again. The first time was when I put away all the shorts and tank tops, (thinking that t-shirts and pants would be comfortable IN OCTOBER) and then we had about 4 days in the high 80's, and I think it even hit 90! Oh well.

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