Saturday, January 27, 2007

January 2007

Water babies! Ok, we thought Sage liked the bathtub... Jayna LOVES it. Anytime we pour water over her hair she smiles HUGE, and kicks her feet and flails her arms like crazy. It's quite a sight. She's in the baby tub in this picture, but she's pretty much graduated to the big tub. Well, she's a little too big for the baby tub, but she can't quite sit up on her own yet, so we're sort of transitioning. We have moved up a stage in the potty training process with Sage. She is now wearing panties, occasionally. We'll let her wear them around the house for a few hours. Sometimes she's into it, telling us whenever she has to use the toilet. Sometimes she just doesn't really care and she pees (or poops) in her pants, and then we put the diaper back on.
cuddle buddies! Aw... aren't they sweet?

This is JJ, her first time sitting in the high chair. Her sitting skills have improved dramatically this month! We're so proud. She also occasionally eats baby cereal. She likes oatmeal better than rice. Can't blame her. Oatmeal is yummy! She has also recently started rolling over, from back to belly. This is a major accomplishment in the life of an infant. the outfit she has on was a Christmas gift from her Aunt Alli. This girl is barely 5 months old and she is already wearing 12 month clothes! Here is the lovely Sage. The marks under her nose are from when she fell down the stairs. she made it about halfway down by the time I caught her. She was on her butt, so I'm not exactly sure how she banged her face. Oops...
This is the picture I'm sendingin to Regis and Kelly's beautiful baby contest. I think she'll probably win, what do you think? I'd submit a picture of JJ too, but they have to be over 6 months old. oh well.

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