Monday, October 09, 2006

What I've Learned: part 1

I have some pictures from the Union picnic we went to on Saturday (which was more of a Democratic convention than the family fun day I thought it would be). however, for some reason the internet is not letting me upload those pictures. So I will go on to my next topic...

I've had some thoughts floating around in my head lately, and I decided to write a little series about "What I've learned about God from my kids." I have to give credit to my friend Susanna for this first one. She pointed it out after Sage was born last summer.

because they are
When both of my daughters were born, they didn’t have to do anything except exist, and I loved them completely. The first few days, especially, all they do is cry and poop and sleep a lot. They had never done anything for me or given me anything except 9 months worth of aches and pains and heartburn, among many other annoying things. After they were born they left me with extra layers of fat and a stretched out body. If anybody else did these things to me, I wouldn’t like them very much! But these are my children. I can’t help but love them. I want to take care of them, I want what’s best for them, and I want to make them happy. And my job is to teach them to be well-rounded, healthy, and stable adults. We all want these things for our children. And that is what God wants for us - we are His children. We don’t have to do anything for him. He loves us unconditionally because we exist! He wants what’s best for us, and he wants to make us happy.

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