Monday, September 17, 2012

The Eubanks: Unplugged: S1:E14

September 17, 2012

1. 3yo picked plaster off the wall and made a HUGE hole in the wall at the bottom of the stairs.

2. If you let fresh-from-the-lake snail shells sit in your bathroom in a cup for about 2 weeks, they start to smell like poop. Very, very, very bad smelling poop (as if it's not all bad smelling - but you know what I mean - some is just worse than others).

3. I've been gone for a while, and that's either good or bad. It means I'm either so overwhelmed with craziness that I don't have time or energy to update, or it means things are relatively calm and nothing of interest is happening around here.

Actually, between school, dance classes, driver's ed, homework, chores, etc, there has actually been very little time for shenanigans. And the boys are growing up just enough to lay off the craziness. We're moving into a new stage of crazy though. I think of it as the "Soccer Mom Phenomenon," only in my case there is no soccer involved. There is just a lot of running around, taking kids to their various activities, trying to squeeze in family dinner time as often as possible. 

Here is just a sampling of some of the out-of-the-ordinary things we've been up to this month:

Hanging out at the lake for Labor Day (home of the snail shells!)

 Harvesting so very many tomatoes (please, please come take some!)

 Sunday afternoon at the park, feeding the ducks.
I don't know what it is about feeding ducks that kids love SO MUCH, but it is like the greatest thing ever when I grab that bag of old bread-ends out of the freezer!

Making potpourri from my rose petals.
I learned this week that boiling FRESH rose petals doesn't smell good. Best to dry them out first, then simmer them. ;)

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  1. what a great idea...maybe we can try some potpourri