Monday, August 13, 2012

The Eubanks: Unplugged: S1:E7

August 13, 2012

2 yo. all within 10 minutes:

1. stole my donut
2. tried to dump the tub-scrubbing-bleach-stuff all over the bathroom ( left out from when 7yo. cleaned the bathroom - luckily I caught him holding it above his head BEFORE the big dump!)
3. unrolled half a roll of toilet paper
 This picture is here to remind me how awesome this kid is. Playing drums with a laundry basket, a lincoln log, and a piece of the vacuum hose. He will turn ANYTHING into either a piano, a guitar, or a drum.

4. I got the best news today, but I can't tell because it's a secret!!! GAAHH!

5. Trying to explain to my 7 year old why gas is expensive when she clearly sees that the sign says it's only $4.
 "It's four dollars for one gallon, and the van holds 30 gallons. How do we figure out how much it will cost to fill the tank?"
Her response: "Just put it on your debit card!"

6. Driving home from back to school night: D and I were talking about pay phones and how they're a thing of the past, and they probably don't even exist anymore, right? Then we saw one. We both laughed and high fived each other, but you probably had to be there.


  1. Two things:

    1) Love your title Eubanks:Unplugged


    2) Secret? What secret? You can't say something like that and then now tell us. That's like dangling a piece of cake in front of a hungry fat kid (or me).