Monday, December 19, 2011

December 2nd - 19th

And this time Blogger uploaded all the pictures in reverse chronological order. So we're starting with today, and working our way to the beginning of December.
I am so glad it's December, I pretty much majorly failed at this picture-a-day thing. But I'm not a quitter, even if I'm a failure. So I'm doing the best I can, and I'm going to finish out the year. If you make it to the end, you'll get to read a story. Written by me. About life with two 2-year-old boys. And a few girls. If you have 2-year-old boys (or 3-year-old boys) you might not want to read the story. It might stress you out. Then again, you might take comfort in knowing you're not alone.

12.19.11 - my son (my son! - it's still exciting to say that) loves to make any object into either drums, guitars, or pianos. Here he is making guitars into drums. Love this kid. I posted a video here of him in action.

12.17.11 - Jayna had her first dance recital on Saturday. She said she had a good time, and wants to do it again, but she seemed very self-conscious. I'm working on some you tube's. I took lots of video. ;)

12.13.11 - Sage's first recital was also last week. She did great, and can't wait to dance on stage at the Lerner in May.

12.10.11 - The kids were SO EXCITED about the inch of snow we got.

12.9.11 - Daddy with his boys and his dogs.

12.6.11 - Making Christmas cookies. Even the teenager was excited about this girls night activity.

12.2.11 - Putting up our tree. The whole Christmas tree thing has been interesting this year. We debated on how to "toddler proof" - you'd think two 2-year-olds would be easier to deal with than two 1-year-olds. Well, our boys didn't walk til they were well past 1 year, so I'm pretty sure they were both on the floor last year at this time. We had an old luggage chest that we lifted the tree onto to give it a little extra height. This year the boys are not only walking, but CLIMBING ANYTHING THEY CAN HOLD ON TO. In the end we decided our fake tree is 8 years old, so if it is completely destroyed, no biggie. We'll just get a new one after Christmas when they're $20 like we did 8 years ago. We didn't put any fragile ornaments on at all. Wait, scratch that. Everything in the house is fragile with these boys around. We didn't put any GLASS ornaments on the tree, and put the "I don't care if they get destroyed" ornaments at the bottom where the boys could reach. What I didn't count on was them pulling a stool over to the tree to reach the "middle height" ornaments, which are also now all destroyed. Important things like a paper snowman Sage made in pre-school. And, ironically, THE most important ornament we have (had) didn't even go on the tree, but got broken because *somebody* (ahem... Sage) was swinging it around while I was telling her that even though it is beautiful, and meaningful, we are not getting it out this year because we do not want it to get broken. She dropped it, and it shattered all over the floor. It was a clear glass ball filled with fake snow and it had hand painted people with all our names on it (minus the boys because it's from before we had them). {Grandma Jean, don't tell Jan, she gave it to us! Just kidding, you can tell her.}
Also, the boys have pulled out several branches, and instead of fighting to get them back into their proper slots on the center pole, I just stuck them in where it looks like they might fit. I think the tree is going to make it, but we might not have any ornaments left for next year. I even made some cute felt ornaments for each of the kids (like 4 days ago), and every single one of them is now either lost or destroyed.
My mantra for this season of my life is "it's just things."

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  1. Last year Kyan knocked over the tree and one of my favorite ornaments broke. It was a HUGE glasss ball with glass "web" on the inside that sparkled in the light. But I was just happy the tree did not land on Ky and that the glass did not shatter on him either.

    Christmas Decor is hard with little ones. :)