Sunday, November 06, 2011

Pumpkin Day, part 1

I'm skipping Picture-A-Day for the 2nd half of October, because I really only have pictures from Pumpkin Day, and the day after when Gma and Gpa Ulasich were here visiting. So, here you have, Pumpkin Day, part 1: the pumpkin patch that had no pumpkins.

This was the 2nd Annual Eubanks Family Pumpkin Day. The 3rd Friday in October the kids are off school for Fall Break. It's a week-ish before Halloween, so it's a great time to spend the day pumpkin picking, taking pretty fall pictures, and spending an all-around wonderful day together as a family.

This year Gma and Gpa U came to visit over the weekend, so they got to join the fun.
In the morning I called the pumpkin patch we were planning to go to, just to make sure they were open. They were flooded from all the rain, so nope, not open. Bummer. So we decided on Amish Acres. I'd never been there, but it gets a lot of hype in these parts, so I figured it must be pretty special.

It was ok. There was lots of pretty scenery, and it was nice to walk around and see everything. We even got to do a wine tasting! It was my first one, and it was awesome. I loved that part. But the weird thing was, we couldn't find the pumpkin patch. I finally asked someone about it, and apparently it's far away and you have to take a hay wagon ride to get there. And they weren't running the wagon that day. So, no pumpkins! But it's ok, because we passed a little farm selling pumpkins in the driveway, so we bought $20 worth of pumpkins (because I only had a $20 and they had a lock box honor-system thing for payment!) It was still a good day.

the wine tasting

the pumpkin choosing
funny cows on the farm!

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Pumpkin Day saga...

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  1. That picture of all your kids is really good... Christmas card??? :)

    Those cows are FUNNY! : )