Tuesday, October 04, 2011

September 25th-30th

October is getting away with me, I need to finish September! Yikes!

This first picture is of a concert we went to last weekend. It was a Nepali folk band called Katumba (I think?). They were SO. MUCH. FUN. I brought my little girls, and left the boys home with the big girl. The instruments were beautiful works of art in themselves, intricately carved things that resembled guitars, banjo's, shakers, drums, etc. I love cultural music. I love anything "cultural" - anything that highlights differences between other cultures and mine. I love the beauty of all the different lifestyles in the world. In the end, we're all just people. But we express our lives in such different ways, and that fascinates me. I blows my mind that this group came all the way from Nepal, to little old Elkhart. They played in the basement of the Roosevelt Center, which used to be a school and is now an apartment building. It seemed so random. Apparently someone who works at the farm (where we're CSA members) had lived in Nepal for some time, and he had connections to this group. That's how they ended up in Elkhart. They were raising money to build a school. Their T-shirts said "The whole world is one single family." I love that. I bought a shirt. I don't usually buy concert shirts, because I'm too cheap. I already paid to get into the concert, and now they want more of my money?? But I couldn't resist this shirt. During the 2nd half of the concert, kids and brave adults went to the front of the room and danced their hearts out. It was fun to watch. I'm not much of a dancer, private or public. But I love to watch. And I especially love to watch my kids dance.

9.28.11 - Our new puppy! Derrick's been wanting another dog for years. He always said when he finished school he would get another dog. Well, when he finished school a year and a half ago, we were planning a two-week cross country trip at the end of the summer, and I said no way are we taking a puppy on a road trip. So we waited. And ever since then he's been checking the ads every now and then, looking for just the right dog. Nothing too big (he'd like a big dog someday, but wants to wait til we have some land, space for a big dog to run). Nothing too expensive. Last Wednesday he came across an ad for this rat terrier beagle mix, for a low price. We drove down to Nappanee, to an Amish-looking farm, took a quick look at this girl, and decided she would be a good fit. 
We decided to name her Ramona. We all brainstormed names for about a day, then took a family vote.
We pretty much love her. I'm not a dog person, but I might really enjoy this girl.
Sometimes it's a bit like having another toddler in the house. She's not anywhere near as demanding as my toddlers, but she pees and poops in the house, chews things she's not supposed to, isn't interested in the toys we bought for her. You know, typical kid stuff. But she hasn't been too terrible. I think she'll turn out to be a good doggie.

9.29.11 - Oh, my little drummer boy. This kid makes anything into a musical instrument. He LOVES beating on drums (or actually, beating anything onto anything else to make a loud noise), strumming guitars (or anything that might look like a guitar - like a rake!), or plunking on a piano or keyboard. He turns jump rope handles into microphones. He is a musician and a performer. I can't wait to see where he goes with it.

9.30.11 - My lovely daughter got an award at school last week. I was about 5 minutes late. I thought it was a whole school assembly, and that the first few minutes would be the principle talking, etc. But it was just the Kindergarten classes in one of the class rooms. Jayna was the first one to get an award, so I walked in just in time to hear her teacher say, "And this award goes to Jayna!" I didn't get to hear all the wonderful things her teacher said about her, but the award was for being "respectful." I'm so proud of her. 
On a somewhat-related note - at Jayna's conference recently, her teacher said she is SO quiet! She has to shush the other kids just to hear Jayna's quiet little voice. I never thought she was much like me in her personality, but I was super shy in school, and all my teachers said I was SO quiet. So, I guess we have something in common after all. 

And I'm done for now, guess I was in a chatty mood tonight. Thanks for reading.


  1. That drum thing you went to looked so coo. Good for you making time to do cultural things with your chittlins.