Monday, August 22, 2011

July 23-31

YES, I am still here. Picture-A-Day has kind of fallen by the way side. Darn it. I've been extremely busy, and I know that's an excuse, but it's true. I have two toddler boys. I don't think I need to say anything more. I can not keep up with them. Right now they are in their room. It's almost 8:30. They've been "in bed" for an hour. They've been climbing out of their cribs every day for a couple weeks now. We've been debating between keeping them IN the crib vs. changing them to non-cribs. It seems pointless to keep them in cribs when they can just climb out. But then, maybe keeping them in the cribs will deter them a little bit - maybe they'll only get out of bed 2 or 3 times instead of 100. That worked for ... um ... a few days, maybe? Then they stared getting out about 100 times. So I got rid of the cribs and put them in "non cribs." So now they slip out of bed about 1 second after I leave the room. And I'm just ignoring them. As long as they are safe, and they stay in their room, I figure if they're not going to sleep for another hour or two, at least it should be stress-free on my part rather than going up there every 2 minutes to put them back in bed, just for them to get out again as soon as their door is closed. We have been battling this at bed time and nap time for weeks, and I'm at my wit's end. Not only this, but they are figuring out how to break through the barriers we've set up for them. They break child-safety-locks. The break the crappy plastic door knob handle thingys that are supposed to make it hard to open doors. They climb over baby gates. The throw everything they can get their hands on onto the floor - food, toys, books, blankets. It's so hard to walk through the house because EVERYTHING IS ON THE FLOOR. By the time I have cleaned up one mess, they've made 5 more. Somebody please tell me it will get better.   {deep breath}

Ok, that is my long-winded excuse for not blogging much lately. Also, I've been working. I'm a photographer. There, I said it. I feel weird saying it, because I didn't go to school for it, or get any kind of certificate for it, or get hired by anybody. But, I'm doing it. I'm getting paid to take pictures of people, so that makes me a photographer. And I love it. And it takes up a good amount of time, and I've been doing so much picture editing and blogging {here}, that my personal and family blog (this one) has fizzled down a little bit. But it will not die! I love this little place. So, here's to July. And maybe I'll get caught up with August before August is over.

{I was practicing a wedding picture, using my own ring. I like it.}

I don't even know why I took a picture of the piano. I'm sure I had a reason that day, but I've forgotten.


I think it's funny how animals will find a patch of sunlight to bask in. I don't blame them.

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