Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 6-8

(I skipped June 5th, no pics that day).

This is what happens when you ask your kids to fold towels... they made these teeny little piles all over the living room floor. It was cute. But after that I started instructing them to pile towels up on the coffee table. The floor's too dirty for clean towels!

The bottom of my computer screen: 95 degrees. Blach. I really hate to complain about the heat when we had such a cold and rainy spring, and everyone (including me) was complaining about the cold and wishing it was warmer. But sheesh, it didn't have to jump from 35 to 95 in a month. A nice gentle Spring would have been nice. Ah well, "mother nature" never really cares about what we would like, does she? I can't complain now though, we've had a beautiful week of sunshine and highs in the 70's which is perfect for me.

School's out now, and after that scorching hot day, I let the girls sleep in the air-conditioned living room on the pull-out couch. It's really not a big deal for me to do, but it's SO MUCH FUN for them, they think it's such a treat.

I don't have any pics from June 9th, and the 10th-12th we were camping, so my next post will hopefully be camping pictures! I'm really excited to edit the pics of the kids on the beach. We had such a wonderful time.

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