Monday, June 27, 2011

June 17-20


On Thursday the 16th we spent the day driving to Minnesota. We got off to a rough start, having to run some errands and then stop back home again for something we forgot, then while we were home everyone had to go potty again... but finally, we were on the road. There was construction on I-90 from Gary to Rockford, which was a big pain. It was a long exhausting 10 hour drive with young'uns. And I got zero pictures that day.

The purpose of the trip was a wedding of a close family friend who I have known since she was about 6 months old. Her name is Kristen, and my mom used to babysit her. I was probably 7 when she started coming over to our house. She and my baby brother are less than 2 months apart, so they were two little peas in a pod. We have endless pictures of the two of them, almost like twins, always together. When I was in jr. high or high school I started babysitting her in the summers when there was no school, along with my brothers. To me she was like a little sister. I don't know if I left home first, or if she got too old for a babysitter. Maybe both happened at the same time. But after that, even though our families stayed close, Kristen and I didn't stay in touch too much.

Which is why I didn't expect to get very emotional at her WEDDING. But I did! I cried off and on through the whole thing. Ever since my own wedding, I tend to get a little emotional at weddings, but holy cow, this one really got me for some reason. At the end of the ceremony they had one of those cool slideshows where they show pictures of the bride and groom from birth, and all through their growing up years, and then at the end they show all the pics of them together. I really like those. At about the 3rd picture in Kristen's sequence, I said "I remember that Kristen." And I was just a flowing fountain. I can't explain it, except to say, that it was like watching my baby sister get married. It was a beautiful wedding. It was the first time I'd ever met her husband. Everyone says he's a great guy, so I take their word for it. The reception was a blast. It's not often that Derrick and I get a chance to really let loose and party without kids around. In fact, I think weddings are the only time we ever dance like that. And only if we don't have kids with us. (another round of applause for my cousin Mindy for watching the 5 little ones for us).

I didn't bring my camera to the wedding. I wanted to fully experience it, and not be hiding behind the lens and seeing everything from a photographer's point of view. That's why she hired a photographer! So, no pics from the wedding. But I have some great pics of the rest of the weekend. The whole Ulasich clan was in town, so we took advantage and had a mini-vacation.

Friday morning we took the kids to play the playground at my old elementary school. It's changed several times over since I went there, but the memories flooded back none the less. It's always fun to see how tiny your old elementary school looks once you grow up.

Saturday we stopped in Stillwater on our way to Taylor's Falls. Both towns are on the edge of the MN/WI state line. This pic is of my boys and my brother's boy watching the St. Croix river. Standing in MN, looking at WI.

Sunday we did some hiking at Interstate State Park. I, my sister-in-law, and my other brother's girlfriend are all photographers (at varying levels of professionalism), and at one point in the day the three guys (Derrick, Jacob, and Andrew) all ended up with the camera's. It was a funny moment when we realized it, and they all started taking pictures of each other taking pictures. So this is Derrick taking a picture of Jake and Andrew taking pictures of each other.

And, since this is the only pic I took on Monday, this is what you get. We were all pooped after a long, fun weekend.
Stay tuned, I have some fun ones for this week.


  1. sounds like you guys had tons of fun.

  2. got a little sentimental in a good way when i read "my brother's boy."...silly me. pregnant emotions, you know how that is.