Tuesday, May 03, 2011

April 26th-May 2nd

I did really bad this past week. I have a bunch of days with no pictures. Part of the problem is that my phone is completely dead. Sometimes if I don't have my camera with me, I take a picture with my phone. So those are all gone. My son, Little T, decided it would make a great bath toy, and by the time I realized it, it was too late. I've tried several tricks for drying out phones, to no avail. I tried the bowl of rice, the slice of bread in a baggie, laying it out in the sun... nothing. So, hopefully this afternoon I'll be getting a new one. I hope to get the same phone, because I really liked it. And it was only $50.

Tuesday. 4.26.11. - no picture. and absolutely no recollection of anything that happened. Hey, it was a whole week ago, you can't expect me to remember back that far. My short-term memory is getting pretty bad. Should I be worried?

Wednesday. 4.27.11. We dyed 18 eggs for Easter. Now we get to eat them! I love how this one got all speckled. :)

Thursday. 4.28.11. Again, no picture. I'm pretty sure this was the day I took a picture of my bulb garden with my phone. About 3 years ago I bought a variety pack of 100 bulbs from Aldi. The first couple years the flowers bloomed, they were kinda scanty. They all bloom at different times, one after the other. I was kind of hoping to have a full garden full of colors, but it didn't really work out too well. But this year, I guess the bulbs had spread and the garden's been going long enough, it's been looking really beautiful. The daffodils came in, then the grape hyacinth, then the tulips. And they were all there together - yellow, purple, and red/pink/yellow/orange. Click here for a similar pic I took of that garden (if you haven't seen it already).

Friday. 4.29.11. A beautiful day, here are the boys trying out their new shades that Grandma got them. They think they're pretty spiffy!

Saturday. 4.30.11. Ok, Saturday's picture is trapped in Derrick's phone. I sent it to my phone, hoping it'll be waiting for me when I get my new phone. But I can't get to it now, since my phone is dead. And I'm sure there's another way to get it from his phone to the internet, but I don't feel like taking the time to figure it out.. So, that one will be on a separate post.

Sunday. 5.1.11. This is my friend Ashley and her little family. They just had a baby a couple weeks ago, and I had the privilege of taking family pictures for them. I actually took this on Friday, but I'm posting it for Sunday because I spent a good part of Sunday evening editing. I have recently fallen in love with Picnik. It's a photo editing tool that you use online, but save the images back onto the computer. It's similar to Photoshop in features (maybe not QUITE as high-tech, but it's got some really neat functions), and it's MUCH more user-friendly than PS. I will be posting some of my faves from that shoot on my photography website as soon as they're all done. It's taking me a little longer because I'm still getting to know Picnik and all it's features. As I get more fluent in it, I'm sure the editing process will be a bit smoother.

Monday. 5.2.11. Yes, this duct tape on a diaper. Holy moly, people, we have 2 toddlers who are obsessed with taking their diapers off! For the past week we have gotten them up in the morning, and after naps in the afternoon, naked and soaked in their beds. What is UP??? We tried putting the diapers on backwards, but since there seems to be more filling in the front, there is still major leakage, even if the diapers stay on. Last night we tried the duct tape, and had the same problem. The diapers were even on the right way (because of the filling issue), but still, somehow, they both ended up soaked. I'm not sure what to do, but maybe bigger diapers for night time, plus the duct tape... They take their diapers off during the day too, and I try to put them on the potty every time they do that, thinking maybe the diaper-removal-obsession is a sign of being ready for potty training. I think I'm going to have to find some one-piece summer clothes so they won't be able to pull their pants down. Crazy boys.

And, that's all I have for now. This was kind of a long one, so thanks for sticking it out, if you've made it all the way here. 
Peace. Love. Serve. (I'm thinking about making that my life motto.)

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  1. Hard Rock Cafe's motto is Love all Serve all...I say yours is a great motto!