Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 25th


Monday. 4.25.11. Two years ago on this day, this little boy was born, unbeknownst to us. Three days later we would get a phone call asking us to come get him from the hospital the following day. It didn't take long for us to fall in love with that precious 4-and-a-half pound little baby. And now we can't imagine our family without him. Happy Birthday, little guy, we love you!

{And as a special treat, he peed on the potty on his birthday! And again today! We may or may not be onto something here. You never know... sometimes they get excited about it for a few days, then it gets old. Finger's crossed!}


  1. yea for pee pee in the potty! Nice work J.

  2. oh! hurray for birth days! yours and this little guy. :)

    so happy to hear that you both had fun celebrations! and that yours included coffee and cheesecake! you really can't go wrong there. :)

    hugs and love to you, my 33-year-old friend.