Tuesday, March 08, 2011

March 8th

The Girl Scouts have been putting on a little program at Sage's school for anyone to come and learn about "healthy living." I think they're trying to promote GS, and it's rather working. Sage REALLY wants to join now. My favorite thing about this picture though, is her outfit! I love letting my kids dress themselves. Sometimes they match beautifully, and other times... they just grab one of each item. I love this from top to bottom. I feel like there was a parenting question I was going to ask the "world" but I can't remember it now. I'm sure I'll think of it tomorrow when I'm in the middle of whatever it is I want to ask.
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  1. Personally I like this outfit. I dig expression and creative outfits.
    We do the boy scout thing and we love it. Neat oportunities for the boys. I think the girl scouts is the same way.