Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 15th & 16th

3.15.11: First grill of the season! Fresh, homemade brats from Lowrey's in Niles, MI.

3.16.11: Yesterday's highs in the upper 50's meant a trip to the park after dinner. Yea! Today is supposed to be even warmer, highs in the mid 60's.
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  1. It was beautiful! We cooked out for the first time yesterday at the park and it was beautiful! So, happy spring has sprung!(:

  2. We had our highs in the 50's yesterday too... however there is still so much snow on the ground that all the play parks are still buried!

  3. glad to hear the kids can get out and stretch those legs...they look sooo big!

  4. we had 42 - so we bundled up slightly and went to a park - where we tromped through the snow to try out the slides and did lots of walking and running on the paved paths. :)