Tuesday, February 08, 2011

February 6, 7, & 8

Sunday 2.6.11: As a native Minnesotan and Vikings fan, I can not bring myself to root for the Packers under any circumstance. I didn't really care about the Steelers winning the super bowl, I just wanted the Packers to lose. Oh well. Oh, and while we're talking about this, I want to say, I'm not a fan of Brett Favre either. He was always a packer, so therefore... BOOOO. Everyone was all excited when the Vikings got him, but not me. And look where he got them! NO WHERE. So ha.

Monday 2.7.11: Jayna got these cute little cookie cutters at the Galaxy store at church. Every week the kids get to earn points to spend at the store, which they open once every three months. She's been asking me if we could make cookies every other second since she got the cookie cutters. I like to make cookies, but sometimes it feels like an all day affair, especially when you're talking about dough that you have to roll out and cut out little shapes, then roll out again, cut shapes... So they had to make do with play dough.

Tuesday 2.8.11: And today I went to the store and bought some sugar cookie dough - already made. It's the kind that comes in a log, and you cut slices. I cut the slices, and she cut a letter out of each slice. Then I mashed all the remnants together, and we made a few more, until the dough started to get too soft, then we just made blobs that were supposed to be circles, but she decided in the end that they were mushrooms. Mushroom cookies just don't really appeal to me, but hey.

My kids make me smile. And laugh. And cry. Not always in a good way. I just can't believe how fast they are growing up. I know every parent says that, but holy cow. This is my baby, and she will (probably) be going to Kindergarten next year! And she's getting so smart. Sage is reading chapter books, and since Jayna feels the need to keep up, she'll grab a paper or a book or anything with writing on it, and just name every letter. "Mommy, I'm reading!" That had nothing to do with my pictures, it just spilled out.
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  1. oh jeannine.
    i'm laughing . . . but i would really like to give you a hug. i think you need one. i wish we lived closer to each other. i wish i could design a little neighborhood with all of my favorite people in it - including you . . . anyway - that just kind of spilled out - in a good way. :)

    i love you, my old friend. hang in there. and hold tight to the hand of God - the hand that has your name written on the palm, the hand that upholds you, the hand that covers you, the hand that leads you. He is good.

    (and that is the best hug i can give you from this many ridiculous miles away.)