Friday, February 25, 2011

February 24th


Tax refund is in the bank, and now it's time to catch up on some household items that are well past their prime. Last night we took the boys (and Jayna) shopping for a refrigerator and stove/oven (what is the official word for a stove/oven anyway? Is it called a range? That sounds old fashioned - I think my grandma used to call it that or something.)

Everyone's gotten a little stir crazy since illness has kept us pretty home-bound this week, so we decided we needed to get the little ones out and about a little bit. We didn't end up buying anything, because we wanted to compare prices online, but I think we've found what we want, and will probably go back today to make our purchases. The neat thing is, the stores have these "tax refund" deals, where you can buy a gift card to the store for like $1000 or something, and get 10% back in credit on the card (not quite as good as cash, but hey, it's a free $100!)
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  1. New appliances sound sooo exciting. I'm happy for you guys.