Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 19th

I ate a duckling.

Saturday night our awesome friends Mike and Nicole came and spent the night with 3 of our kids (the other two were with friends), while Derrick and I spent the night at a B&B in South Bend. We also went to dinner at a VERY fancy restaurant. A little too fancy for our tastes. It was fun, but now that it's over, I feel like we really just paid for the atmosphere. I mean, good food can be found at less expensive restaurants, and you don't even have to dress up!

I've never had duck before, so when I saw it on the menu, I decided to try it. Not to sound cliche, but it tastes EXACTLY like chicken. It was good, in the way that chicken is good. Derrick had prime rib, and it was amazing, in the way that prime rib is amazing.

The B&B was decent. Probably #3 on our list of favorites (also our 3rd B&B). It was a quaint, Victorian-style historic home, a nice little place. Breakfast was delicious. But nothing really stood out to make us really want to go back there. Nevertheless, we had a great night on the town, just the two of us. And our favorite thing about overnight dates is lounging in bed in the morning without the little voices creeping in at 7:02 saying "mommy, I'm ready for breakfast."

I have more pics on my camera (this one was taken from my phone). So maybe, if I get around to it, I'll post some of them for you. I also have 2 more days to catch up on, but it's been a pretty crazy week (mostly having to do with spending 6.5 hours in the ER yesterday with a feverish baby who is doing no better today. He's sleeping at the moment). So I will get to it when I get to it. Thanks for reading.
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  1. I love that you guys get to getaway like that. I had duck once too for that same reason, and I felt the same way, and I always agree about spending money at "fancy" restaurants, I'd rather go to my fav. low key places, less money and just as filling, if not better, cause I know what I'm going to get. Yours-Sour lover.

  2. I agree, it is the atmosphere you pay for at fancy restaurants. It is fun though every once in a while. It has been five years since I was at a fancy restaurant last so maybe one of these days we'll get to go again.