Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15th


Most of you already know, but I'm gonna tell it again. I got a note posted on my Facebook wall today from the Daily Grind Coffeehouse, informing me that I will be the March artist of the month! I will get to display my photos on the walls, and possibly sell them. I will also be making note cards to display for sale too. I've been exploring local restaurants trying to get my stuff out there in Elkhart, but haven't had any success until now. It helps that I worked for the Grind for 6 years and I'm friends with the owner. Anyway, I spent hours tonight on snapfish.com ordering posters, prints, and note cards, and pricing my cost for them, including the price of shipping, and everything that's included. So if you live in or near Elkhart, go into the Daily Grind in March and check out some of my best work. I'm a local artist! So cool.
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  1. that's way cool jeannine! look at us and our creative outlets. way to go!

  2. congratulations jeannine! that is so cool! i hope you sell lots of your pretty things!