Monday, January 03, 2011

My Mom Mug

I got my first "Mom" presents for Christmas this year.
Not that I haven't gotten anything from my kids before - in preschool they make christmas ornaments with their pictures in them, and I love those.
But this year, I got a "Mom" mug (and Derrick got a "Dad" mug too). It's my first gift with the word "Mom" on it!
I'm so excited about this!
Sage's school had a little store where the kids could bring money to buy gifts for their families.
They came home all wrapped and everything.
She wanted us to open them the day she brought them home, which was like 2 weeks before Christmas.
But we told her we had to wait.
She also gave me a "Mom" bookmark, which is perfect because I love to read.
And I love mugs, because I love hot drinks. And she knows this about me.
I think it's my new favorite mug.

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  1. what fun gifts!

    i hope that your monday is off to a good start. :) wish i could pop over and have a cup of coffee with you . . .

    love and hugs to you,

  2. I love the star all the way through...awesome. Good gift giver, suppose that's one of her love languages?

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