Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20th

Watching American Idol 2011.
It's kind of a tradition for me and Alyssa to watch this together.
The last few years Derrick's been in school, he was always gone on AI nights, so it was our thing.
Since we watched the chick flick last night, we dvr'd AI, and are watching it now.
At 8 we'll be watching tonight's episode.
I know, it's totally indulgent.  I indulge.

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  1. ben and i used to watch AI together . . . now we have no tv - so, no watching . . . once in a while i miss it.

    about the tea - i'm still not a tea drinker, even though ben's mom drinks it all the time. i just don't like it enough to choose it over coffee. - what kind do you like?

  2. E: I love chamomile tea, in a variety of flavors. Right now I'm hooked on one called Raspberry Zinger, I also like a honey vanilla, both by Celestial Seasonings.