Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18th

My baby is reading. She's in Kindergarten, and I kid you not, she read "Employees must wash hands" in the bathroom at Arby's the other day. She's like a sponge - she can't help herself, every time she sees words, she reads them. Every sign we pass along the road, every store we drive by. She just keeps blowing me away with her ability to read almost every word. It's giving me mommy-tears almost every day.

Tonight we were reading the story of Joseph out of the Bible. We happened to see the end of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on TV a month or so ago. The real stage show with Donny Osmond (I saw it live in Minneapolis, btw, many years ago).

Anyway, ever since then she's been really interested in the story of Joseph. Also, we've been reading through Genesis together as a family, and we have finally made to Joseph. And Joseph takes up a LOT of chapters! It's a great story. Anyway, we got done reading, I set the Bible down, and a minute later, this is what I see. She was actually reading it! It's The Message, so the translation is a bit easier than, say, New King James or something. But wow... talk about mommy tears. But I didn't really have time for tears, because I just ran for the camera.

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  1. Michelle 'Sass' Aleckson1/18/2011 8:51 PM

    Awesome! You're doing such a great job raising your little ones!

  2. oh! hurray! what fun to know that your little lady loves to read. and that she loves to read the Bible!
    maddie loves reading the Bible, too. her favorite story lately has been the one about Abraham and Isaac and the sacrifice. i'm not sure why? but it is an awesome picture of laying EVERYTHING before God and then Him providing in return in a way we could have never seen or planned. i hope that's what she's getting out of it!

    and it's so awesome that you are reading together as a family - i think those are some of the most special times.

    hugs to you.