Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13th

this is the only picture i took today.
that's not true. i took a picture of Alyssa, but she won't let me post it.
i had an eventful day, but failed to take any pictures.
guess it was too busy.
anyway, this is the clean laundry that i washed yesterday, and probably will not fold tonight.
i should, but i'm going to relax and read a book before bed.
i can't fold laundry during the day because there's no place to put it except in the living room, and that's the boys' territory and they'll throw everything on the floor faster than i can fold it.
so i can only fold laundry after they're in bed, and i'm just making the decision not to do it tonight, so these will be sitting right where they are for another 24 hours.
and i'm ok with that.
that was a really long rant about laundry.
and Alyssa just said something mean, but i'm going to be nice and not post it.
{sweet smile}
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1 comment:

  1. post the pic of Alyssa! : )

    I have the same pile of lundry that I am not going to fold tonight too!