Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hallowen Festivities

Sage and JJ decided to be cheerleaders for halloween this year.

 Sage's school had a little party on Friday night

 Our city had trick-or-treating on Saturday, and for some reason the girls decided to be princesses this time instead of cheerleaders.  It was fine with me since all the costumes came out of our dress-up box.

 This was by far the craziest trick-or-treating experience I've ever had. 
No joke, there were probably 1000 people on 2 blocks, and about 10 houses that were passing out candy.
So each house had a line about this long:
 I've never seen anything like it.  I hated it (and I usually like crowds).
So we walked around some other streets around that neighborhood where it was much quieter.
And we had a much better time.


  1. Jeannine this was great. The picture of the girls getting candy looks like an ad from a magazine. Great costumes! Kelley

  2. That is silly. I"ve NEVER heard of lines at halloween. strange.
    I love the Batman and Robin costumes. so sweet.

  3. Totally cute... as cheerleaders and princesses! :)

    Totally crazy about the line-up at the doors... what were they giving away? $100 bills?!?!!

    Batman and robin are sweet too!