Monday, October 04, 2010

Family Road Trip (part 11)

 Yellowstone: Day 2, Part 3
(my last post on Yellowstone)

Just a shot of a scary mountain road.

We spent the afternoon at Mammoth Hot Springs

They're a little more special than the "regular" hot springs because of all the colors.  The landscape is constantly changing because as the hot water flows, it leaves colorful mineral deposit formations.  Very cool stuff.

My baby brother, Andrew!

Just... Awesomeness.

More awesomeness.  This is not snow, it's more mineral deposits.

A picture of people taking pictures. :)

Oooh, a black bear!  The 2nd one we saw there!

(Tower Fall)

Dad and I saw this (we think it's an Elk) on our way back to the campground.
On our way back to camp there was a pretty wicked storm.

Dad and I took the kids back to camp while everyone else (Jake, Cassie, Andrew, Mom, Derrick, and Alyssa) decided to do this big hike up a big mountain.  It's not my story to tell since I wasn't there, but the gist of it is, they barely got started when this storm hit, so they ended up coming back down.  They all almost got hypothermia because rain is COLD in the mountains, and they were ill prepared.  There was hail, bear paraphernalia, and a hitchhiker, but everyone made it back alive and safe.
The next day we left Yellowstone, and began our 2-day journey to Minnesota.

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