Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Baby's Growing Up!

Sage will be starting Kindergarten this year, and today she started a 3-week summer school program called Kindergarten Club.
It's at the elementary school, she rides the bus, has lunch at school. She's not officially in K-g yet, but today felt like a big day.
I think she had a good time, but it was kind of overwhelming - She had a big cry tonight at bedtime.

here she is walking to the bus stop in the early morning light

saying goodbye - JJ was so sad, she wanted to go too.

waiting for the bus...

and away she goes... :(
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  1. Oh dear, kindergarten?! Oliver would LOVE to be going this year, but his Nov. birthday keeps him home until next year...he thinks preschool is pretty cool though too :) Hang on Mama!