Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Birthday

I had a great birthday last weekend.

These flowers are from the kids:

My new washer and dryer! This was not technically my birthday present. It was just coincidence that they were delivered on my birthday. But I'll take it!
I wish I'd taken pictures of the old ones, but trust me, they were old. Especially the washer, which took a big poop, which is why we bought new ones. These are energy star, and they're awesome. The washer uses so little water, and cleans so well. The dryer is done before the washer, which is SO not the case with the "regular" W/D.

Derrick took me out for dinner, and then dessert for my birthday. My flash doesn't work on my camera, so unfortunately these pictures are dark. :( But I thought they would have been cool pictures if the lighting was right. Use your imagination!

And then we went to the Bristol Opera House to see Leading Ladies, which really is a hysterical comedy, as the sign says. It was hilarious, and lots of fun.
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  1. Happy Belated birthday! Sounds like it was a good one! I am SOOOO jealous of your washer and dryer, and laundry room for that matter :)

    By the way, Mark applied for a job in Indiana, I think Porter? Looks like it may be near you?? It will be a while before we even knows if he has an interview. Of the 3 apps. he has out now, I think I would prefer that one. It is at least in the midwest.

  2. looks like wonderful birthday celebrations! getting older really isn't bad - but it's funny. :) who'd a thought we'd ever be excited about a new washer and dryer?? but i'm excited to get a new set in a few months, too. :)

    and your pictures at the park - i love those happy faces, too! :)

    hugs to you!

  3. are those new glasses on derrick? he looks different

  4. I am glad you had a great b-day!

    We have the same washer and drayer and we love them too! : )