Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days. You know, the days full of minor inconveniences and stressors that just build up into a frustrating day. (some names have been changed for privacy).

D was out on a long errand, so when it was time to take Sage to school, I had to take all 4 of the kids with me, which is not a huge deal, just kind of inconvenient.

When we got to school I realized that I forgot her 100 blocks she was supposed to bring (they're learning to count to 100). So I dropped her off, went home and got the blocks, brought them back.

Then I took the other kids to Kmart. The idea was, if I keep them awake while Sage is at school, they can all take a big nap later. Otherwise I have to go home, put them to bed, wake them up in an hour to go get Sage (Oh, Tiny Man was not with me at this time.)

So we went to Kmart, did some shopping. When we left it was 2:00 which is when TM was supposed to be heading home. I called and asked Mrs. if we could meet at her office, because it's right by Sage's school. I got almost to the office before I realized, that's not Mrs.'s office. That's the office of somebody else who is associated with TM (sorry, couldn't think of a clever way to disguise that). I called Mrs. again, and she suggested we meet at Martin's, the one by Sage's school.

I got to Martin's, and as I was looking for a parking spot, driving slowly, I felt the car jolt a teeny bit. It felt like when your bump over a curb or something, but I thought “I'm in a parking lot, there's no curb. Oh crap, what did I hit?” I turned around, and there was a car backing out of its parking spot, and it apparently grazed my bumper. So I pulled ahead into my spot, got out of the car and walked around to inspect the damage. Meanwhile bumper lady DROVE AWAY!!!! at first I thought she was going to drive back around to me, but NO! She's GONE!!! Fortunately there was no damage. Just a scuff to the back bumper, not even a dent. But still... she hit me and drove away! Didn't even get out to see what happened. What makes me even more mad is, I had kids in the car!

Anyway, on with it. I picked up Tiny Man, then drove over to pick up Sage. Then went home. Then the highlight of my day: I got all the kids to nap at the same time, and I got to nap for about an hour. It was awesome, and you'd think the nap would have settled me some from the day, but apparently it didn't.

5:00 Alyssa called from swim practice asking if I was coming to get her from. I said I thought she was taking the bus. She said there's no bus. All my kids were still sleeping. And when I say sleeping, I mean, totally zonked out. I had to wake them all up, and they were not happy. Neither was I. I piled them all into the van, went to get Alyssa from practice.

We got home... and she realized she forgot her swimsuit. I would have just told her to get it tomorrow, but her practice is not at her school. It's at a different school, because her school does not have a pool. Her suit is on the floor of the locker room, and she won't get there til tomorrow afternoon, and I was afraid of it getting stolen – it's a $70 swimsuit she just got last week. So I went back for it. The locker room was locked, so I had to find a custodian to unlock it for me, which fortunately wasn't that difficult. It's not that big of a deal, but after the string of frustrations (forgetting the blocks, the bumped bumper in the parking lot, waking everybody up from naps), it was just one more thing.

Thankfully, the rest of the night went well (mostly). We ate dinner, had a nice time at the dinner table, except Jayna was still mad about being woken up. To top it all off, Tiny Man had a diaper explosion, but after everything else it didn't seem like a big deal. I cleaned him up, fed BB (Baby Boy, but I should change it to Big Boy because he's almost a year old), fed him and Tiny Man, read the girls a story, put them to bed... and here we are. Now all the kids are sleeping once again. Hopefully we will have a quiet evening, and a much better day tomorrow.

Oh, the really good news is, though it was a frustrating day, and I got pretty mad there towards the end, I feel like I handled everything very well. I've been struggling with mood swings, and managing my emotions (which may come as a shock to you who've always thought I was so laid back and never bothered - believe me, it's been a shock to me), and this kind of day could have really pushed me over the edge, but it didn't. It wore me out, but by the time I was putting the kids in bed, I was in a pretty good mood. Tired, but feeling happy.

Just wanted to share that with y'all.

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