Monday, October 05, 2009

Marketing to Kids

Yesterday we saw a commercial for Fruit Loops Cereal in which they were advertising the fact that they now put 3 grams of fiber into the cereal (per serving? per box? I don't know). Like suddenly that's supposed to make the cereal healthy. I'm kind of a stickler on giving my kids a healthy breakfast (I call the sweetened kids' cereals "candy cereal", rarely buy it, and when I do, the kids get it for dessert, not for breakfast).

Anyway, Sage says to me "Mom, Fruit Loops has fiber in it! You should buy it!"

I said "Yeah, that's exactly what they want you to say!"

To the makers of Fruit Loops I say, congratulations, you've managed to manipulate my 4 year old daughter.

Just thought that was funny.


  1. she's sooo freaking cute! guess that's what we get for educating them eh?

  2. oh, wow.
    i really don't like to have my kids watch cartoons, because of the commercials! i hate it when they tell me we should buy something for this or that reason. because they saw it on a commercial! ahhhh!

    i haven't been on-line much lately. i just caught up with reading your blog. isn't it awesome when kiddos start doing more of their own stuff - like making sandwiches!!!! yay! :)

    hugs to you, my friend!