Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Garden

Well, it's been a while so I wanted to pose SOMETHING.
Do you see this bush? That's no bush. That is a weed. A WEED! This is how much I've neglected my garden this year. I have let weeds turn into BUSHES! I pulled them, so it looks better now. Just wanted to share that.

This is what my garden looks like this year. We had high aspirations, and even planted a lot more than this in pots, but this is all that got in the ground. 10 or so tomato plants, and 5 or 6 pepper plants, which I was certain were chili peppers, but they grew into bell peppers. It's ok, I'm bummed about not having the chili's, but I do like bell's, so it's all good.
Here's the first pepper I picked. Sadly, from all those pepper plants, I've probably had less than 10 peppers. Another testament to my neglect.
On the bright side, somehow my tomato plants have been AMAZING. I know I've taken pictures of my bushels and bushels of tomatoes, but they must be still on the camera because I can't find them. I'm a little too disorganized right now to figure it out, and it's about bedtime, so I'm going to go. This is a random post, but like I said, I wanted to post something so you know I'm still alive over here.

We're adjusting to a new schedule, with Sage being in afternoon preschool now, and I have to take her there and pick her up. So, we're having to rearrange how we've been doing things. It's working out, but I think it's got my brain all in a jumble. That's all for now. Cheerio!


  1. nice looking pepper though. Jake is sooo excited to get his garden next year.

  2. can't imagine why you can't care for five kids and have an awesome garden . . . ;) next summer they'll all be just a bit older and it will all be different.

    i hope you get settled into your new schedule, neen.

    i love you!