Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Week of Milestones

This beautiful creature starts Middle School today.
Our pastor preached about fear on Sunday. Very fitting.

I think this means I am officially OLD.
The transition started about a year ago, when every time I took her shopping, she wrinkled her nose and shook her had at every article of clothing I tried to pick out for her.
I don't pick out clothes for her anymore (or anything, really).

And this one... outgrew the bassinet, and moved into a crib. (remember this?)
I spent an hour or two on Sunday night clearing out a space in our bedroom to put the mini-crib in the corner until he's old enough to be moved into the kids room.
He'll have to be sleeping through the night for that to happen.
Just look at that dimple! I love it.

And one more, but this was a couple weeks ago... my baby girl, not yet 3, is officially DONE with diapers. She's been potty trained for almost a year, but wearing pull-ups to bed. For the last couple months she's stayed dry all night MOST nights, so we decided it was time to ditch the pull ups. YEA!
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  1. old is a good thing...means experience! Congrats on all the wonderful things happening in your home! I'm exicted for ya'll.