Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family Life

It's been an interesting week. I just wanted to highlight some of the "fun" things that have happened around here (if you don't have kids, you might not want to read this - a lot of it is about poop, pee, or puke. If you have kids, you'll totally relate)::

- The van got a flat tire (as we were leaving to go see friends at their house on a lake). Thankfully, we have lifetime warranty's on our tires, so we got it fixed for free. But, our plans were ruined. And Derrick had to take the tire to the tire store last night, and I had to pick it up this morning. No big deal, but extra errands REALLY put a wrench into my days.

- The slip-n-slide (which we got out to make up for not being able to go to the lake) has holes in it. And I'm not talking about the holes it's supposed to have, where the water comes out. These are holes that are not supposed to be there. I tried to fix it with duct tape, but that didn't really work.) To be fair, we got the slip-n-slide last summer at a garage sale. I guess you get what you pay for, huh?

- Jayna stuck a vitamin up her nose (this morning). She blew it out in bits as it slowly dissolved. She cried for about a half hour.

- baby's waking up in the night again (he was sleeping for 8-10 hours last week), mama's TIRED in the morning

- baby puked in the car, just as we were leaving for church Sunday

- we got a letter from the City saying our grass was too tall. We get ridiculous letters like this from the City about 3 or 4 times a year. Always, by the time we get the letter, the "problem" has already been taken care of. So we didn't mow our lawn for 3 weeks, we've been busy! (Recently we had a dresser on the curb, for maybe 4 days, waiting for the "big item pick-up" from the trash company. The following week we got a letter saying we needed to get rid of the dresser. Ya think?).

- We bought a freezer at a garage sale for $75. 2 years ago our fridge and cupboards were mostly empty. We bought groceries day-to-day on my tip money from the coffee shop (which was usually less than $10/day). Now with 7 people in the house, our fridge and freezer are stuffed to the max. It's strange to go to such an opposite extreme in just a couple years. Not that we're super wealthy, but just that our fridge is overflowing, when not long ago it was bare.

- We went to the park for "free lunch" and there was no lunch! We were so bummed.

- The baby puked while mama was in the middle of a meeting (at home)

- The baby pooped just as we're leaving, already late for an appointment

- R soaked his diaper overnight, bedding needs to be washed (this happens once or twice a week)

- R puts his hands in his poopy diaper. GROSS. The positive thing about this is, he's becoming aware of when he poops, which is a step towards toilet usage. I hope.

- Sage spilled her juice at the table because she's still learning how to use a "big girl cup"

- Jayna tried to "check" R's diaper to see if it's poopy. It was. ANOTHER BIG GROSS.

- The dishwasher gets run twice a day - hurray for not washing dishes by hand!

- The laundry got washed, dried, folded and stacked on top of the laundry from last week that never got put away. This time I wrote myself a note on my to-do list "put clothes away." Sad that I have to write myself a note to remember that. Even sadder that I still might not get it done.

- R is behaving MUCH better than he was last week (THANK GOD ALMIGHTY)

- We no longer qualify for WIC. It's a little daunting, losing financial assistance like that, but at the same time, it feels good to make enough money that we don't qualify. I felt like this when the kids lost their medicaid. I was a little nervous, but it turned out, we really didn't need it! We can afford the co-pays when we have them. It's a good thing. And the foster kids are still on WIC, so that helps.

- We went through a whole package of Oreo's in about 24 hours. Hey, there are 7 of us! And we had friends over yesterday. But still...

So, there's a little sneak peek into the "routine" happenings at the Eubanks household. Normally this blog only shows the fun exciting highlights. Just incase you were wondering, my life is very full of cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. Whether it's butts, bedding, clothes, dishes, the table, the counter, the floors, the bathrooms (well, those don't get cleaned much, unfortunately) - kids are MESSY!

...and it's only Wednesday. What else is in store for us this week?

I better go do something productive. Let's see, what should I do first? Put the clothes away? Start dinner? Take a nap? Clean the bathroom? So much to do, so little time...


  1. i say take a nap. I like seeing a day in the life of a busy mom. you're a super hero. I loved when Jayna checked R's diaper. That's so sisterly like..hehee..maybe i won't be laughing when it's my own. Love you

  2. oh wow, neen!
    wow, wow, wow!

    isn't a good thing that God is good!

    and that you had some homemade strawberry jam? :)

    ummm, i LOVE oreos!

    i think i can get WIC for isaac for 6 more months . . . i have to recertify in august. then he'll be 5 and we'll be done. but, we are getting to a point where it is easier to buy groceries! hurray! isn't WIC such a blessing, though?

    BIG HUGS to you, my friend. i love you!