Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BB 3 Months Old

Derrick is the only one who can consistently get the baby smiling.
Here are the 2 best pics I took the other day, and one that should have been.

Here we got him smiling, but I had just adjusted the settings on the camera, and I didn't realize the flash had gotten turned off. Thus, it is blurry. But you can see how great this picture should have been.
And this one is our favorite. He's almost smiling, and you can see that fabulous dimple! And doesn't he look handsome in that nice shirt?
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  1. cute BB! and sweet smile...but his ghostly hand does look a bit disturbing...giggles.

  2. Jeannine -
    I admire your love for children and motherhood. Yet you are so honest in the midst of a hard day! This little guy's dimple is killer! What a beautiful vacation you had - Lake Michigan is on my "must visit" list. Such a great beach area! Hope all is well!