Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Projects

Some fabric I bought... actually, it's sheets and curtains from a thrift store.
My first sewing attempt. This is about as far as I got too, a few pieces of the pattern cut out.
Something else I'm working on... (a secret)
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  1. so you are making a quilt? that's awesome. i want to make one too. jake and i talked about getting a sewing machine for our 2nd anniversary...so then the sewing projects can start...or sometime there after....

  2. no, i'm not making a quilt. i wish. i got a couple patterns for girls' clothes i want to try. since this is my first sewing attempt, i didn't want to spend much money on fabric. well, i like thrifting anyway, so even if i was a really good seamstress, i'd still probably use old sheets and curtains. :)