Monday, June 08, 2009

Our Camping Trip

Last weekend we went camping at a nearby campground. We decided to be brave and take all 5 kids (including a baby and two 2-year olds). We said that if it doesn't work, we'll just come home. There were times I almost went home. The first night was freezing cold, and I don't think I slept more than 2 hours. Saturday we spent most of our time chasing R around, returning bikes he'd stolen from neighboring camp sites, and trying to keep him from eating everything in site. There were enough women more than willing to hold the baby for a while, so we hardly saw him, which was nice (not that it was nice not to see him, but it was nice having help with him). He got plenty of love and attention, and hardly ever fussed because he was always being held! And then, trying to keep Sage and Jayna entertained wasn't too hard, but the playground and pool were a little walk away, so we had to make several trips off our site for that. Alyssa was great - she's old enough to just run around with her friends, and we hardly saw her either! In the end, we decided it was more of a sacrifice on our part in order to give the kids a good camping experience. So, while it was exhausting and stressful, and it wasn't MY most fun camping trip ever, the kids had a blast, and that's important to us too.

The 3 girls got to sleep in their own tent, which was really fun for them. It gave them a little feeling of ownership, having a place to sleep and keep their stuff away from us. And they all took turns washing dishes, and just had a great time playing and running around with their friends.

Sam and Chris rented a golf cart for the weekend and spent most of the time taking everyone for rides.

Every meal's a picnic!

Here's BB with Deb (or as the kids call her, Mom-Mom) one of his many care takers.

Al and Matt, the grill masters

Derrick playing cards
(we did manage to sneak in a couple card games over the weekend)

JJ napping in the tent

I'm pretty sure this kid ate an entire watermelon over the weekend.

a little bonding time in the tent
(or changing a diaper, whatever you want to call it)

We all pitched in and bought Al a giant skillet from the camp store because whenever we go camping, he's always cooking for everyone, almost non stop all weekend.
The lady who worked there delivered it to him.

Tiffany and Alicia had all kinds of games and fun stuff for the kids to do. This is some kind of donught eating contest.

S'mores face!

Aside from eating watermelon, this is about the only other thing he did all weekend - ride other peoples' bikes.

Aw, finally asleep. So sweet.
Sunday breakfast - from now on we need two picnic tables - one to cook on, and one to eat on. We were a little crowded with so many of us.

Our first and only picture of the whole family, as we currently are.
Dad, Mom, 3 girls, 2 boys.
When we got home...
... they were all fast asleep.

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  1. what great pictures!
    i love the family picture! i love it!

    and isaac is a watermelon eater, too. he and r would probably have lots of fun together. :)

  2. where's the pic of you and derrick sleeping? haha. looks like you wore them out. fun times.