Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Spread

Derrick asked me if there was anything I wanted for Mother's Day. I said "I just want to relax." And he delivered. He made me this breakfast - it was supposed to be in bed, but I got up just before it was ready. So I had it on the couch. I especially loved the little tulip he cut from our yard and put in this old pepsi bottle "vase".

The spread of Mother's Day cards I got from the kids:

I slept til about 8:15 (I think). After breakfast Derrick cleaned the kitchen. He changed diapers all day, took care of most of the kids' needs for most of the day. It was wonderful. I got to relax. Our lunch plans got changed twice. We ended up visiting with friends instead of going out for lunch. It was wonderful. I told him before bed, it was the best Mother's Day I've had yet. It was only my 4th officially. I told him, that's all he has to do. I don't need any presents, just let me relax.

A bit of irony: I think it's interesting how what I want the most on Mother's Day is to NOT do everything I normally do as mother. And most mom's I know agree with me.

Keep scrolling down, I posted a bunch of new pictures this morning.


  1. yay for mother's day!
    i'm with you on the not wanting to do any of the normal "mom" things! i still want to love on my kids. but the housework, meal-prep type things - someone else do that please! :)

    i LOVE all the pictures. BB is so tiny! and R is a cute little stinker! i know what you mean about little girls loving on babies . . . i have a little girl who would love on him, too!

    hugs to all of you!

  2. It's funny, I like the spirit of holidays more than gifts, but i find myself still asking my mom, what can i get you for mother's day...if I DIDN"T ask, i'd feel like a slacker, i think the materialistic society we live in has conditioned sucks!! gifts are great and all, but it shouldn't know.....

  3. Good job derrick, way to be an all star husband!

  4. So I see your favorite food is "lots of food." That's funny.