Thursday, April 09, 2009


here are just some miscellaneous shots from the last week or two. the weather's been weird - overnight lows around 30, afternoon highs around 50. so it's kind of springy, kind of wintery.

this is what's been going on in front of our house this week - they've cut down at least three trees already. I don't know what's going on.

my little monkeys

Alyssa finally begged me enough to highlight her hair. I don't have any after pictures, so I'll have to post an update later. It looks really cute.

a chocolate mustache? yum yum!

oh, I love this one. notice the empty shelf above his head, and all the books on the floor. it took about 2 minutes for him to do this, and about 2 hours for him to clean it up.


  1. yeah. i babysit some shelf cleaners, too . . . only their style of clean isn't my style of clean . . . oh, kids. :o)

  2. sage grew legs!!! that looks so strange! much has she grown since Christmas...or is it just how the pic looks?