Monday, April 20, 2009

Signs of Spring

I transplanted my seedlings into these newspaper pots. They'll be able to stick right into the ground when we're ready to plant them.

Curtains drying in the sun

what is this? OPEN WINDOWS!
I officially took the plastic off the windows last week.

And to celebrate the wonderful phenomenon of April Showers, we made these little paper plate umbrellas.

Jayna got a $5 bill in an Easter egg last weekend. Later in the week, she came to me asking for her $5. I asked her why, she said "I want it to get ice cream" (I could hear the music from the ice cream truck outside). It was so cute. I told her no, but the next time we heard the ice cream truck, she asked me again, and I told her I'd buy some ice cream for them.

I love this... the kids crowded around Daddy's car when he gets home from work. So precious.
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  1. he must feel like a super star!!! we need to skype soon!

  2. I love those newspaper pots - I'm definitely going to make some of those - Thanks!