Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Little Rock Star

This is Sage singing "Our Song" by Taylor Swift (and Jayna trying to keep up). Unfortunately my memory card only holds about 15 seconds of video (I just ordered a new one with more memory), so it's short, but I think it's awesome. She LOVES to sing and pretend she's one of the popular stars (like Taylor, or Hannah Montana).

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and another one... I love how serious her face looks.


  1. yep, stars!

    lovin' the tub-time. :) we love the tub at our house, too!

  2. hahaha...i need to look up that song, don't think i've ever heard it, i'm sure her uncle will be sooo proud of her musical talent!

  3. that is so cute!! I love it!!! she's got the heart part down!!