Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Latest Obsession

I'm learning how to crochet. Actually, I learned the basics last winter, but got bored making scarves and washcloths and doll blankets. Now that it's winter again, I'm feeling a little stir crazy, and decided to take it up again. This time I read my "Idiot's Guide" a little more thoroughly, learned to read a pattern (it's easier than I thought it would be). While I was in MN I made this hat in one day. On the drive home I started the scarf. I ran out of yarn though, so I'll need more to finish it.

And, recently I noticed that JJ's slippers are getting too tight, so Derrick said "you better get working on some for her." So, yesterday I made this... and hopefully I'll finish the other one today. She's really excited that I'm making slippers for her, and the other girls want some too.
I get a similar feeling about this as I do about gardening. There's something very satisfying about being able to create something useful without having to run to the store to buy it. Gardening is a little more satisfying in that way, because it's self sustainable - One tiny little seed produces LOTS of food, and you can use the new seeds to make more food. You can't make more yarn from the yarn you already have, you still have to go to the store to buy more. But I paid $2 for each "ball" (whatever it's called) of yarn - so I'm getting a pretty good deal, I think! With practice, I hope to get more creative with the things I make.
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  1. your'e a machine.i can't believe you made a booty. your gma will be so proud.they look great!

  2. way to go, Neen! i love your hat and the slipper! you rock!

    everytime i see knitting or crocheting, i want to learn . . . but i must stick with sewing for now. i must, i must!

    happy new year!