Monday, December 01, 2008

I bought the kids some crafty things to do during the winter days. Here is Sage sewing a princess purse. She really did great, it was just 2 pieces of fabric with holes already punched, a big plastic "needle" and some yarn to thread through the holes. She got the hang of it really quickly, and now she has a cute little purse! I got Jayna some little fairy key-chain things. It was a little much for her. She liked it, but her attention span isn't quite long enough for the time it takes for her to make one. And I got Alyssa a kit to crochet either a scarf or a purse. She started practicing, learning to crochet before actually making something.

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  1. hey neen!

    i am coming out of the fog of signing up for a TON of giveaways the last couple days. also the opening of our shop. and getting ready for Christmas!

    it's fun to see your little ladies crafting! :o)

    hop over and sign up for my little giveaway!

    hugs to you!