Monday, November 17, 2008

a little bit of this...

Alyssa is getting very artistic in her self-portraits...I think they look pretty cool.
This is Derrick blowing insulation into Alyssa's bedroom walls - the picture looks cloudy because of all the dust!
Ok. This might not mean anything to anybody but me, but I was so excited about this. Every week Sage gets to bring a book home from school, we read it together, and then she has to draw a picture of her favorite part of the book. This is a picture that Sage drew a couple weeks ago. Just a lot of scribble. Her scribbles represent something to her, but they don't really look like anything to anybody else.

And the next week, this is what she drew - FACES! She was drawing Care Bears. It might be hard to see, but there are circles for heads, two small circles for eyes, lines for noses and mouths, and even ears! Also lines coming down from the head in the middle, which is two legs. All the scribbling is "hair" because Care Bears are hairy. Ok, it's silly, but I was so excited and proud.


  1. Very good Alyssa!
    And Sage's pictures are so cute. I love all the different colors in the first one. Go Derrick!
    gramma m

  2. it's not silly to get excited about what your little ones are learning! it is awesome! i love her carebears!

    and i think that is an awesome idea - to read a book lots of times and then draw a favorite part. i'm going to incorporate that into our homeschool. it will get more and more interesting as we read longer books with fewer pictures - won't it!

    and i'll post all about my camera tomorrow - for you and anybody else who cares. :)

  3. I think taking pics of their art work and sharing it across the web is well as alyssa's pics....(go girl)

    it's nice to see ya'll when you are so far away!!! we miss you and love you. very much.
    jeannine, i'll email a little later about your camera...look for cannon if you can....they've been my choice for as long as i can remember....anything above 5.0 mega pixels will be don't need anything much higher than my opionion...

  4. i liked my old banner, too. but you know - it's fun to change things up a bit - and i wanted something more fallish.

    i just read cassieu's comment - i have a Cannon Powershot A520. i really, really like it. and i am learning a lot more about it. it doesn't take the greatest indoor pics unless there is LOTS of natural light coming in. if there's not lots of natural light you get red-eyes - which can be fixed in printing. the more i've learned about the camera and taking pictures with it, the less i use the flash (which eliminates red-eye and weird glares). i like the look of natural light MUCH better. when going without a flash you need to be able to hold the camera VERY steady, unless there is a LOT of light (natural or not), so i am going to get a little portable tripod. for now, i do my best. the camera has tons of settings and i am learning more about them, but it is also super easy to use. you can just point and click and you'll get a decent to great picture. until i can afford a BIG fancy camera, this one is awesome. and i think i'll always keep this one for just tucking in my bag. (i think it cost about 200 dollars at target).

    i HIGHLY recommend Cannon. my kiddos messed up the part that closes over the lense one time - i sent the camera to cannon, they fixed it and sent it back, at NO CHARGE. all i paid was the shipping to get it there. i didn't even pay the return shipping. this camera also uses regular AA batteries. (easy to replace!) energizer makes a lithium AA battery that is a bit more expensive, but holds up a LONG time in the camera. definitely worth the extra buck or two.

    to get more ideas about picture taking - go to flickr and just browse around. start with my still::body link today and just dig around. find a pic you like, go to that person's photo stream, follow one of their pictures into a group, and so on. you'll get TONS of ideas on perspective and lighting and all that. it's a great way to teach yourself more about picture taking.

    (for example - i've learned that to take a picture of a kid's picture, find a spot by a window where there's lot of light, but not direct sun. put the paper there. take a picture without using your flash. try it! you'll be surprised!)

    have fun! let me know what you think.

    love you,