Monday, September 15, 2008

Water Damage

Well, you may have heard about how hurricane Ike made it all the way to Indiana and practically blew our roof off.

Here is rain pouring through the trim around Alyssa's bedroom window

Water bubble on the ceiling

Oops, the bubble popped!

Paint bubbling on the wall - this is the outside wall, the same one as the window from the picture above.

This is the floor with the bed pulled away from the wall... not sure if you can tell from the picture how soaked the carpet is, but let me just say, if you stepped on it with socks, it would feel like you stepped in a puddle. Not exaggerating.

And this is the bottom of her bed, just to show you how the water spread there too.
And, since we have the pleasure of having our bedroom right below Alyssa's, when the walls and floor in her room couldn't handle any more, it decided to start coming through our ceiling.

This is the top of my dresser, with towels and a bowl to catch the water.

And this is today, after I pulled the dresser out from the wall. Again, not sure if you can see the wetness. It's not as soaked as Alyssa's, but it's wet.


  1. we had no idea. i was in kc and didn't see the sun for 3 days, it rained, but yuck...really sad to hear about all the damage...was it scarey?

  2. is this why you call it a eutopia?

  3. Yes! This is the eutopia we call home!