Friday, September 12, 2008


Sage is trying to figure out the world. And she's coming up with some interesting explanations:

Yesterday she said to me "Jesus is a big.... (long pause)... marshmallow!"

I told Derrick about it later, and here's the conversation that followed:

D: Sage, is Jesus a big marshmallow?
S: YES. (very emphatically)
D: Why is he a marshmallow?
S: Because marshmallows are yummy to eat!
M: (me) You want to eat Jesus?
S: (thinking...) No, Jesus got inside the marshmallow, and we can eat the marshmallow OFF Jesus.

Yeah, I have no idea what that was about, but it was hilarious.

And this morning... ah, television and the impact it has on kids...

S: Mom, we can't be in our room by ourselves
M: Yes you can.
S: No we can't, because we'll be afraid
M: What will you be afraid of?
S: A bad guy will come in and shoot us!
M: How will a bad guy get in your room?
S: He will knock on the door and you will let him in and he will come and shoot us!
M: If a bad guy comes to the door I will not let him in. I will call the police, and the police will come take him away.

That seemed to satisfy her, she went to play in her room without me.