Saturday, September 06, 2008

Halo, part 2

On a side note, I just thought JJ's hair was so cute like this, all big and bushy. She did the headband herself. Just wanted to show off! :)
aw... Sage, our little dog lover.
So, we were all ready to keep Halo forever. She seemed happy here, the kids loved her, Derrick loved her, and even I was starting to love her (and I'm not a dog lover)... until...

JJ got a little too close to her face, and Halo didn't like it. You can see the big welt under her eye, and a couple bruises on her cheek. She didn't break the skin, thankfully, but we decided we couldn't keep her. Everyone was really sad.

here's how it looks today, more like a black eye. :( my poor baby.

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  1. that sucks about JJ's face...and the dog...LOVE the pic with her big hair though...very cute.