Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Camping on the Beach

Here are a plethora of pictures from last weekend when we went camping at Weko Beach, Lake Michigan.

Off to the water - Friday

Al & ChaCha

The beginning of the Eubanks sand castle

... and here it is, almost finished... sorry, I don't have a final picture. oops. It still looks pretty cool.

Charity was not excited about the water.
Derrick and Al playing some kind of lawn washer game.Another day at the beach... this would be Saturday

Jason and Katie Brewer - how sweet.


Sage and ChaCha

Derrick and JJ

Making dinner

Sitting 'round the camp fire

it's getting dark, time for s'mores!
Caleb and Sarah

Sam, Charity, Morgan, Chris, and Caleb

Kayra and her notorious flaming marshmallows

yum yum!

this is a drum made out of a propane tank

One last day at the beach - Sunday

the waves were just perfect for Sage to play in - big enough to be fun, but not too big for her. Sorry there's so many, they just all seemed so fun, I couldn't resist.

Alicia and baby Chloe

a pile of towels? nope, it's JJ taking a nap.

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  1. that picture of jayna in her red hat and swimsuit in front of somebody's very brown legs is SO adorable!