Sunday, June 15, 2008

We got a new camera! And a kid!

Yea! It didn't take long. We sold an old washer and dryer and used the money to buy a new camera. It's an 8 megapixel! Wow, the old one was only 2.1. And it's abut 3 times smaller than the old one. So cute. And pink! Happy Father's Day to us! (and to all the dad's, especially my dad and my husband).

And in other news, we got our first foster child yesterday. She's almost 3, and totally adorable. The kids love her, and she fits really well with our family. It's been fun. It looks like this will probably be short term, but you never know.

Here are a few practice pictures we took with the new camera...For some reason whenever Derrick gets his hands on the camera he feels the need to take a picture of my butt.


  1. Well- I think that your butt looks great! :)

    WOW you got a child fast... and she is cute.

    Congrats on the new camara and new kid! :)